Hydrogen Powered Drones


Hydrogen powered drones are here…

these days, the attention is focused on electrically powered vehicles for severing our petroleum dependency. We believe that both hydrogen and electrical power are necessary for overtaking petrol-powered vehicles, and furthermore that hydrogen power is the logical next step especially when applied to drones and here’s why:

  1. Range - Hydrogen powered Vehicles and drones have a much larger range or flight time than electric battery powered machines such as Tesla or DJI’s lithium battery drones.

  2. Refueling time - It only takes about 5 minutes to refuel hydrogen powered vehicles with liquid H2 versus hours of recharging time for electric battery powered cars.

  3. Emissions - Both power options are zero-emission during operation, however the manufacturing process of a lithium ion battery or hydrogen fuel vehicle is a very energy intensive process resulting in CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere. hydrogen powered vehicles and drones do not require plugging into an outlet for drawing power from the electric grid in which the source of electricity may not be greenhouse gas friendly such as coal & natural gas powered electric plants.

  4. Toxic Batteries - The manufacturing and disposal of lithium batteries is extremely toxic to the environment and lithium is also a limited resource. Hydrogen however is the most abundant element on the planet.

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